TEDx CornellU Talk: Want Your Enterprise to Change the World? Start with Yourself

In this talk social entrepreneur, Liz Ngonzi, shares her journey to finding greater meaning in life. She takes you from the conundrum of success, lots of resume accomplishments from an Ivy League school, to Fortune 100 jobs, to a top notch client roster, to honors and awards, but feeling deeply something big was missing. It took three months living in a blue tent at an Ashram to find what it was. Share the journey, discover what she came to know and see how she hopes it will inspire you to find your own path to balance and joy.

LIZ NGONZI is a connector, cultivator, and communicator with over 20 years of experience facilitating strategic relationships, developing and strengthening brands, and inspiring personal transformation. Over ten years ago, Liz founded Amazing Taste, LLC, a boutique consulting firm that leverages her international rolodex and extensive branding and teaching experience to facilitate relationships between nonprofit organizations, corporations, the media, and funders to meet their mutually beneficial strategic objectives through marketing and fundraising campaigns, along with educational activities. Amazing Taste has advised organizations in the US and Africa—focused on gender and human rights, environmental issues, public health, youth development, and education.

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Watch Liz’s inspiring TEDx talk and discover how it can help you find your own path to balance and joy »