Smartphones Make it Easier to Give to Charity, But There are Drawbacks

Charitable donations have hit an all time high, with Americans giving more than $358 billion dollars in 2014. This is partially due to the surge in online donations from smart phones and tablets. It is easier than ever to donate; rounding up change at the end of checkout, Kickstarter and GoFundMe accounts, and sharable links on social media. Commenting on the way that non-profit fundraising is changing is Liz Ngonzi, an adjunct faculty member at New York University’s Heyman Center for Philanthropy and Fundraising, who teaches a course called “Donor Engagement: Online and Mobile Tools.” Non-profits need to change the way that they fundraise to focus on how the most people are donating. Mailing lists may be a thing of the past but email lists are becoming more popular daily.