Everywhere Wonder Women: Well-Accomplished Cornell Alumnae Snippets

Phenomenal women have studied at Cornell and have proceeded to make waves in our society. Many have become businesswomen, scientists, political figures, and community organizers. We know there is no limit to what Cornell alumnae can accomplish and they know that too.

Elizabeth (Liz) Ngonzi, Class of 1998

A graduate of Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration, Elizabeth Ngonzi has used her passion for philanthropy and African culture to leverage herself to highlight the positive images of African women. She co-developed the 2012 SXSW Panel: Africa, Tech and Women: The New Faces of Development. In addition, she also shared her story about her life transformation in a November 2013 TEDx CornellU Talk titled: “Want your enterprise to change the world? Start with yourself!”At the moment, she is the CEO of Afrika Tikkun USA, a company whose mission is to invest in education, health, and social services for children, youth, and their families through its community Centers of Excellence.


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