You Matter And So Does Your Story; How To Attract The Right Opportunities To Live Your Best Life

On September 22nd, 2022, Nelson Mandela University and The International Social Impact Institute held an inspiring workshop titled “You Matter And So Does Your Story; How To Attract The Right Opportunities To Live Your Best Life,” in collaboration with the Nelson Mandela University Student Employability and Entrepreneurship Development (SEED) project. This initiative aims to help students develop entrepreneurial thinking, improve their employability, and collaborate with like-minded individuals, while engaging with experienced peers through a customized mentorship program.

The workshop, presented by Elizabeth (Liz) Ngonzi, Founder and CEO of The International Social Impact Institute and facilitated by Jonathan Najoe, Community Engagement Officer at Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator, discussed the importance of defining one’s purpose and values to develop a compelling story that can create real impact. Nelson Mandela’s story and legacy continue to inspire not only South Africa but humanity at large. His bravery, resourcefulness, and perseverance against oppression had a tremendously positive impact on his country and the world.

The workshop offered tools and knowledge to empower Nelson Mandela University students to create the kind of impact that can change the world. Although primarily designed for students, the material presented has relevance for professionals looking to engage with clients, investors, or donors.

The discussion centered around the idea of Purpose. Ms. Ngonzi emphasized the importance of defining one’s purpose and values, which will ultimately help inform the story. A personal SWOT analysis, a digital storytelling ecosystem, and methods of developing a network of collaborators and partners were presented as important tools to use in this process.

Ms. Ngonzi concluded by referring to a Ewe-Mina Proverb:

“Until the lion has his or her own storyteller, the hunter will always have the best part of the story.”

This workshop offered lessons and tools to help audience members move forward with the process of becoming their own storytellers. By crafting their unique story, students and professionals can attract the right opportunities to live their best life, just as Nelson Mandela did.


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Optimizing Stakeholder Engagement Through Events

On August 14th, 2022, The King Baudouin Foundation United States hosted an interactive webinar on optimizing stakeholder engagement through virtual and in-person events. The webinar was delivered by The International Social Impact Institute and focused on providing its successful, repeatable framework for planning, marketing, and executing an event, along with case studies that illustrate key concepts and methods to ensure strong stakeholder engagement.

Kady Sylla, Senior Advisor at The King Baudouin Foundation United States, opened the discussion by introducing KBFUS and its focus areas. She emphasized the importance of collaboration and highlighted the ongoing KBFUS partnership with The International Social Impact Institute and its founder and CEO Elizabeth Ngonzi.

Ms. Ngonzi presented core principles for optimizing stakeholder engagement and shared examples of successful stakeholder engagement across different types of organizations, donors, and events. She stressed the criticality of personalizing events and knowing the audience. She shared a strategic event management framework and an event support analysis framework, covering various types of support and how to align this to different supporters with a wide range of interests.

Ms. Ngonzi also discussed the importance of understanding the audience and their priorities to successfully market and engage donors. She concluded the webinar by sharing resources and creative ways to elevate stakeholder engagement, including follow-ups, thank-yous, and aligning events with special days on the calendar. She emphasized the significance of partnering with others, applying core principles, and using the frameworks outlined in the webinar to optimize stakeholder engagement across both in-person and virtual events.