ANALYZING HR IN HOSPITALITY: How Would Your Employees Rate You?

Liz Ngonzi moderated a panel on “Analyzing HR in Hospitality: How would your employees rate you?” during HEC98 – the EXPO: Envisioning a Sustainable and Equitable Future Through Global Hospitality. The panelists were leaders in the hospitality industry, including Rob Thorpe, COO at The Jet; Vaibhav Garg, Cluster Director of Talent & Culture at Global Sports Event Qatar 2022 with Accor; Amanda Nguyen, founder and CEO of Butter&; and Steve Schuller, VP of Human Resources at Frontier Airlines.

The discussion provided insights into HR practices that create a positive workplace culture, retain top talent, promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, and discussed effective HR strategies. The panelists shared their experiences, best practices, and tips for students based on their own successful careers in the industry. Audience participation was crucial, and the conversation was focused on promoting a valuable and inclusive discussion.

Topics addressed by the panel included promoting a positive and inclusive workplace culture, adapting HR policies and practices to address unique challenges, developing leadership qualities, addressing the labor shortage, and providing support for employee mental health and well-being. The panelists also offered advice for Cornell hospitality management students looking for internships or jobs in the hospitality industry.

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Learn how to inspire and engage your nonprofit audience with four expert storytelling tips from Elizabeth (Liz) Ngonzi, CFRE, founder and CEO of Liz Ngonzi Transforms and The International Social Impact Institute. Liz recommends telling stories to connect with your supporters and using a four-part framework to craft a compelling narrative. She also suggests bringing your story to life through video content and using a digital strategy to showcase your work and assess its impact.

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